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On the fence about repainting your home?

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Thinking of painting the exterior of your home? Maybe you’re on the fence about cost or the disruption a project like that may entail. Consider some of these points before you jump off the fence, one way or the other! The good news is, painting is a relatively inexpensive update for your home compared to a remodel or building on an edition. You will not find more bang for buck than a good exterior paint job and a quicker way to up the curb appeal of your home. There will also be fewer disturbances to your normal day routines and seldom does a full exterior repaint exceed a weeks’ worth of work.  And don’t overlook the fact that painting with a good quality paint, done with proper preparation work, will help protect your home...Read More

Should you step out from the crowd when choosing exterior colors?

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crazy paint 1 “Be different and stand out from the crowd!”  We’ve all heard this message. It’s championed in countless movies, television shows and books. And it is great advice, just maybe not when it comes to painting the exterior of your home. When homeowners decide to repaint, many times they’ll be tempted to put their own stamp on things and choose colors that are far beyond the palette of the surrounding neighborhood. While this seems like a good idea on paper, it can actually hurt the value of your home. Clashing colors on a street can break up the overall harmony of the neighborhood and devalue everyone else’s property as well...Read More

Gift Certificates now available!

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christmas-certificate-fb-ex Just in time for Christmas, we are now offering gift certificates! Gift certificates can be customized to purchase for any dollar amount, by number of rooms to be painted or even to hire a painter for a day. Send us a message, email or call us to get yours today!Read More